Connections for People Who Walk and Bike – July 18, 2018

Imagine a Rose Quarter area where people walking and biking can comfortably cross a bridge designed just for them; where getting from the Broadway Bridge to the Lloyd Center feels less daunting; where your daily commute on bike or foot is safe and reliable. This project creates new connections across I-5 and more space for people walking and biking, so everyone can travel more safely and conveniently through the Rose Quarter area.

Existing lanes along N Williams Ave.Conceptual design of future bus, bike and pedestrian lanes along N Williams Ave.

Several features of this project will help create a more comfortable travel experience for those who walk and bike in the Rose Quarter area.

  • A new bike- and pedestrian-only bridge over I-5, from NE Clackamas Street to N Ramsay Way, will improve access between popular destinations and encourage Portlanders to feel more comfortable traveling by bike or on foot.
  • New covers over the highway where bridges cross over I-5 will provide space for wide sidewalks, separated bike lanes and new community spaces.
  • A new crossing between N Hancock and N Dixon will include space for separated bicycle and pedestrian paths while improving east-west connections to the Lower Albina neighborhood.
  • New, upgraded pedestrian and bicycle paths in the area of Broadway/Weidler and Vancouver/Williams will make for safer, more comfortable travel in the area.

Learn more about how planned improvements can make biking and walking safer in the Rose Quarter area.

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