Oregon Transportation Commission sets new directions for Rose Quarter Project

The Oregon Transportation Commission Thursday sent on an important cost study of the Rose Quarter project to the Oregon Legislature, and set in motion a number of efforts to more fully involve the community in decisions around the project and better evaluate alternatives to help reconnect the Albina community.

“I think our role in strengthening partnerships is very clear and significant because we are committed to partnering with local government not through words but through actions,” said Commission Chair Robert Van Brocklin. “There are lot of values, ideas and interests to consider.”

The Commission wrote a Proposed OTC Actions memo that:

  • Approved the Cost-to-Complete Report.outlining the costs needed to complete the Rose Quarter project that the Oregon Department of Transportation will submit to the Oregon Legislature.
  • Set a March 20, 2020 deadline to decide whether the Oregon Department of Transportation will complete an Environmental Assessment or conduct an Environmental Impact Statement.

The Memo further directs ODOT to:

  • Create a Rose Quarter Executive Advisory Committee and a Project Community Advisory Committee
  • Recommend principles and values for possible adoption by the Commission
  • Conduct an evaluation of the freeway covers
  • Continue to work with the Portland Public Schools to address concerns about the potential impact of the Rose Quarter Project

“We welcome the guidance provided by the Commission today,” said Megan Channell, the ODOT’s Rose Quarter Project Director. “Their leadership and direction ensures we have a specific path to move forward on this project of statewide significance, while continuing to work closely with our regional partners and stakeholders.”

Learn more about the project at www.i5rosequarter.org.

Read the full news release.