Apply to help shape the I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project

Applications now available for Community Advisory Committee

Community members gather around a table to share their feedback at the I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project Open House.

We are currently recruiting interested community members to serve on an advisory committee. The committee will help shape the project design and recommend avenues for equitable engagement with the community. The application period runs through February 18, 2020. Apply today!

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) will include up to 20 members who represent diverse perspectives. Meetings will occur up to nine times per year for up to three hours at a location within or near the project area. Interested community members can learn more and apply at

The project team has heard from the community about the importance of continued public engagement. The CAC is one example of how the project will intentionally seek community input, further extend opportunities for the public to engage, and bring community interests and values into the decision-making process. As the project moves forward, ODOT will demonstrate and communicate how the CAC’s input meaningfully informs project decisions.

In addition to seeking diversity in the CAC respective to geography, demographics, and current interests, ODOT strives for committee composition reflecting the historic Black and African American Albina Community.

Apply now! 

About the Project

The I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project adds auxiliary lanes and shoulders to reduce congestion and improve safety on the main north-south freeway on the west coast and redesigns the local multimodal street network. The project will smooth traffic flow on I-5 between I-84 and I-405 where three interstates intersect and feature the biggest traffic bottleneck in Oregon. The project will also improve community connections by redesigning overpasses and reconnecting neighborhood streets, enhancing public spaces, and promoting economic development opportunities. The project’s transportation improvements allow the City to implement the development goals for the N/NE area and realize the City’s Central City 2035 Plan.

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