Join us for the online Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Meet and Greet on March 25

Thank you for your patience as we worked to reformat and reschedule the first CAC meet and greet due to community health concerns around Coronavirus (COVID-19). Based on feedback from our CAC members, the online event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. and will be hosted using Zoom, an online meeting platform. The online meet and greet will allow CAC members to get to know one another and build relationships, while ensuring a safe environment. The event will provide an opportunity for CAC members to meet each other and reflect on the project area history. No project presentations or decisions will occur at this meeting. The meeting will be open for the public to listen as we continue to uphold an unwavering commitment to transparency, accessibility and accountability. Details of the first formal CAC meeting following this online meet and greet are forthcoming. To make sure your computer is properly setup before the meeting, you can use the Zoom test site.

Visit the events page for more details or use the link below to join us on the 25th.