The I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project was created by the local community, City of Portland and ODOT. After looking at more than 70 options, this concept was recommended to move forward to address long-standing traffic and connection issues in the area. In the early 1960’s, during an era of highway building nationwide, the building of I-5, combined with other developments and urban renewal, disconnected the community and resulted in displacement – namely displacement of the African American community out of the central city. The well-connected street grid was disrupted, leaving limited options for crossing I-5 and the historically black Albina neighborhood physically separated from other neighborhoods.

We are imagining a new Rose Quarter area, where cars and freight trucks on I-5 have more space and time to merge while traveling through the area; where people walking and biking can comfortably cross a bridge over I-5 that is designed just for them; where getting from the Broadway Bridge to the Lloyd area feels less daunting for those who walk, bike and drive.

ODOT and the City of Portland are continuing to study and design improvements to local streets near the Broadway-Weidler interchange and to I-5 between I-84 and I-405 in Portland. These improvements include: