Handcock Crossing

The Hybrid 3 design option maintains the existing N Flint Avenue I-5 overcrossing. In the future, people walking, biking, and driving will also be able to use a new connection over I-5 connecting N and NE Hancock Street. Currently there are few east-west connections over I-5 in the area. The Hancock Crossing was recommended by the community as an additional east-west connection for people to cross I-5 to access current or future destinations in Lower Albina.

This new crossing on a lower-volume street than Broadway or Weidler will include space for people walking and bicycling, creating a safe and more connected option for everyone traveling in the Albina neighborhood. It is aligned to Central City policies to develop and implement strategies to lessen the impact of freeways and other transportation systems on neighborhood continuity including capping, burying or other innovative approaches.

*The images on this website are conceptual drafts and are subject to change based on technical analysis and public input.

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