Local Street, Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

The I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project will give people walking and biking more space as they move through the Rose Quarter area, with new, upgraded pedestrian and bicycle paths in the area of Broadway/Weidler and Vancouver/Williams.

Today, people biking from north to south to the Broadway Bridge are forced to turn off Vancouver to Flint Street, where freight, cut-through traffic and soon-to-be school traffic, are crowded into a narrow street. Proposed improvements w­ill allow people biking to travel south on Vancouver and access more comfortable routes west to the Broadway Bridge. The goal behind these improvements is to address Vision Zero safety priorities and make the area more accessible to people who walk and bike.

This project aims to design with you in mind. We’d love to hear your feedback about what would improve your travel experience in the Rose Quarter area as local street improvement design progresses.

*The images on this website are conceptual drafts and are subject to change based on technical analysis and public input.

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