I-5 Southbound On-Ramp Relocation

This project will relocate the I-5 southbound on-ramp from NE Wheeler Avenue to NE Weidler Street to reduce interactions between vehicles and people who walk and bike as vehicles enter I-5. It limits the number of intersections most vehicles pass through to access the highway, resulting in fewer potential conflicts with people walking or biking.

Due to the short distance between the southbound I-5 Wheeler on-ramp and I-84 exit, vehicles have to make quick maneuvers within a short distance, resulting in increased crashes and congestion. To improve safety and operations, ODOT will relocate the southbound I-5 on-ramp that is currently on NE Wheeler Avenue to NE Weidler Street. Closing the on-ramp at NE Wheeler and building a new ramp further north connecting at NE Weidler will create more space and time to merge on and off the highway. This ramp relocation will improve travel on surrounding streets by providing a more direct connection to the highway.

*The images on this website are conceptual drafts and are subject to change based on technical analysis and public input.

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