What are the project’s pedestrian and bicycle improvements?

The project creates more space and new connections for people walking and rolling, so all people can travel more safely and conveniently through the Rose Quarter area, cross streets safely, and access transit. It will also maintain and enhance the existing east-west bicycle routes on N Broadway Street and N Weidler Street and north-south routes on N Williams Avenue and N Vancouver Avenue.

We need the community’s input to inform the look-and-feel, design, and configurations of each of the proposed pedestrian and bicycle features listed below.

  • New pedestrian and bicycle bridge between Clackamas Street on the east side of I-5 and the entertainment area on the west side. It will provide a dedicated path over I-5 for people who walk, bike, and roll, connecting the Lloyd District with the Rose Quarter and offering an essential link for the future Green Loop.
  • Upgrades to pedestrian and bicycle facilities on new Broadway-Weidler-Williams and Vancouver-Hancock highway covers, which could include wider sidewalks, improved crosswalks and separated bike lanes.
  • New crossing between NE Hancock Street to N Dixon Street to provide a new east-west connection to the Lower Albina neighborhood. This new crossing will include space for separated pedestrian and bicycle paths, creating a safe and more connected travel option for all users.
  • New multi-use bicycle and pedestrian path on N Williams Avenue, between N Broadway Street and N Weidler Street to separate people walking and rolling from automobiles.
  • New well-lit sidewalks, Americans with Disabilities Act accessible ramps, and high-visibility crosswalks on the local streets in the Rose Quarter Area.