What is a Construction Manager/General Contractor and why is it important? How is it different from what ODOT has done before?

Construction Manager/General Contractor is an innovative project delivery method where the construction contractor is hired during a project’s engineering design phase. This allows the contractor and engineers to collaborate and innovate during design. The construction Manager/General Contractor method was chosen to:

  • Improve Community Partnership. The contractor is able to work with the community to develop the project’s design together.
  • Increase Economic Opportunities. The contractor is key to unlocking the project’s economic opportunities through contracts to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, building business capacity and jobs for minority workers.
  • Optimize Innovation. The Construction Manager/General Contractor procurement method encourages the contractor to provide input and innovation in the design process, including identifying cost and schedule risks that can be addressed and reduced during design as a result of the contractor’s experience.

ODOT has traditionally used “design-bid-build”, where the plans and specifications are completed, then competitively bid—and construction is awarded to the lowest responsive bidder. The Construction Manager/General Contractor process allows the contractor to use a variety of tools, including selecting subcontractors based on qualifications, not just lowest bid.