What is a highway cover and what are its benefits?

Featured here, a highway cover in Dallas holds a park with walking paths.

Example of open space uses on a highway cover. Klyde Warren Park over Woodall Rogers Freeway, Dallas, TX.

A highway cover is a concrete or steel platform that spans over a highway – much like a wide bridge. The improvements on I-5 require removing and rebuilding the existing bridges crossing over the highway. The project will build new highway covers to provide space for wide sidewalks, separated bike lanes and roads. Covers also provide opportunity for community and placemaking activities. Through community input and involvement, options such as food carts, public art, public space or other uses will be explored.

The highway covers will be built to current seismic standards, making the structures more resilient than the existing bridges in the event of an earthquake. This will provide critical transportation access for community members and first responders in the event of a major earthquake.