Project Benefits

The I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project will improve community connections by redesigning overpasses, reconnecting neighborhood streets and enhancing public spaces. Street improvements will:

  • provide more time and space to merge on I-5 for smoother traffic flow
  • save drivers nearly 2.5 million hours of travel time per year on I-5 in the Rose Quarter
  • improve safety for travelers and reduce frequent crashes by up to 50%
  • upgrade I-5 shoulders allowing emergency vehicles to move through the corridor
  • create new land for neighborhood street connections and redevelopment opportunities
  • knit neighborhoods together through the city's local Green Loop connection - a carbon-free way to navigate the city
  • create additional sidewalks and bike paths for safer travel for people walking and rolling
  • maximize Disadvantaged Business Enterprise contracting opportunities, estimated at $250 million
  • support economic opportunities that honor the local communities' needs and provide the potential for wealth creation